Monday, August 22, 2016

Limit TV for Homeschoolers

There are days I turn to Netflix or PBS Kids for my homeschool curriculum. At first it's just for a subject for the day...but then it devolves. Especially if you have younger guys at home who need your attention. Am I right?

Here's my solution.

The night before I cover the computer screen with chores and educational tasks and assign a person to each item. No TV or computer time until they're done! I've never seen my kids so motivated to do work before!!

This is especially good for my 'determined' 7 year old who really hates when I take him to task. (I'm the same way, I don't like to be told to do something, I like to do it on my own)

So there ya go. It takes them about four hours to get these tasks done, and they get to choose the order, so there's a lot of independence and direct reward!

If you're keeping track of your curriculum and homeschool days, just keep the post its on a single sheet of paper, date it and keep it for your records.

Homeschool day DONE. Drops mic.