Monday, December 28, 2015

Five Free Hacks To Start Now

  1. The four hour home school day. The right routine with a lot of love will put your homeschool on a fast track toward success. No matter what your routine entails, always begin and end your day with a sweet can-do attitude. This is my routine if you need a baseline for yours. 
  2. Fill drawers with ready-to-eat snacks. I'm all about independent kids. For me that begins with feeding themselves. I have two drawers filled with individually wrapped snacks they're allowed to serve themselves twice a day. Yes, this can be messy, but it's easier to clean up all at one time than to prepare every individual a snack and then clean up after them! (A great hack for nursing mamas)
  3. Insource. Do not underestimate child labor. Just kidding. But seriously. Include home-oriented tasks as part of the homeschool curriculum. Its a win-win.
  4. Stick to your plan. Children are more more willing to work with you if they know EXACTLY how the day will play out and what their expectations from you will be. 
  5. Don't get distracted. YOU! Yes, you! Okay, I mean me.  The 6 year old is busy with a project, your 4 year old is building, your 2 year old is coloring and your 6 month old is sleeping, BUT this is NOT the time to begin a new load of laundry. Stay focused on the kids. Remember how we're not doing every single job in your home anymore? If you get distracted the moment your child hits a bump or completes their task and you're not here, they'll be off getting distracted themselves. Show them you care and stay tuned in. If you're doing this right, your homeschool is only going to last a couple more hours anyway and you'll have all afternoon or evening to do chores.