Tuesday, December 29, 2015

First Things First - A Hack to Start the Day

Food Can be a motivator and it's called breakfast for a reason! If you're pushing food at your child before they have a chance to wipe sleep from their eyes, you may be doing it wrong. 
Proud 3 year old making his bed!
  When my kiddos wake up, this is the order of things: feed the dog, cat and chickens, make their beds, brush their teeth and THEN eat breakfast. After we clean up our own breakfast dishes, we head downstairs to do Mommy School. Before lunch, the kids get themselves dressed (including the 3 year old).  This system...
  1. Allows kids to know what to expect.
  2. Helps everyone feels productive about their day immediately
  3. Helps kids to form positive habits at a young age that will (hopefully) carry on through their day.
  4. Gives me a chance to have my coffee and wake up before I have to deal with everyone's needs!